About Us

It's not active wear, its active fashion! Funky Diva is the brain child and passion of designer/dancer, Deborah Hendrix- who got her start in the women’s exercise clothes business by designing outfits for her fellow dancers. Deborah was working out at various dance and fitness studios around Hollywood when she discovered many of her friends were going to audition for Janet, J Lo and others in athletic wear. (and all looking alike!) When the dancers did try to wear the street clothes that looked like what they’d be wearing when doing the gigs, they found them extremely difficult to move in. Deborah had danced all her life, in fact, she went to Europe on an exchange program after high school to study both dance and fashion design. The need for functional dance fashion that looked like streetwear was obvious and Funky Diva was born.

Over the years, Deborah has honed her skills designing costumes and dance wear for dancers all over the world. With the recent advent of the athleisure trend, Deborah decided to expand her business to include women outside of the professional dance ranks. The main mission driving Deborah and Funky Diva is to create apparel that is feminine /urban/street ....even sexy and yet allows women to move like they are wearing athletic gear.

“So much of what I see in the market is either straight up athletic gear or overly yoga centric. Where are the funky street fashions for the women that want to get their sweat on to some loud ass beats!”

The line is definitely intended to be exercise and workout clothes but it’s also meant to be fashion. “You don’t have to give up your feminine and sexy side when you work out!” And more than a few women have worn these outfits for purposes other than exercise clothes.

Deborah is also a strong believer in keeping the price point of her leggings, tops and various fashion items accessible to the women who workout at the local health club and not just the expensive private studio clientele.

The heart and soul of the fashion comes from Hollywood and music and dance. “So many of the lines I see use promotional images to try and associate themselves with expensive yoga retreats in exotic locations to justify their $120.00 leggings and build that association with the elite class. “My line is urban and street. We are from Hollywood!!!! My customers are the type that come straight from work to the gym and sweat out the stress of the day to loudest funkiest music they can find. Our prices reflect that attitude. Of course our quality is top notch. It has to be…I can’t have my dancers onstage in front of thousands of fans in leggings that split or tops that fall apart!”